New Codebase

Starting a new codebase called AbFab3D.  AbFab3D is a toolkit to help in
the development of 3D printing tools and editors. The toolkit will contain both
Voxel and Triangle aware code and will include functions for changing
between them.  The goal is to make creating 3D editors easier.
I want to see what sort of editors people will create.  Can you make the first creator to fab a million objects?

The source license is: LGPL.  I’ve found over time this is both
a community and business friendly license.

Open Source runs by the mantra Release early, Release often.  The toolkit
is really raw right now.  It will get better over time and you can
help with that.  Dig in, and give me feedback on what you want.
Got some code you think goes well with it?  Add it to the soup!

AbFab3D is hosted on GitHub.  You can access the project here:
AbFab3D Code
The name you ask? Let’s say I’m a fan of British Comedy.


I’ve been working on some geometry generation tools. I’ve been seeing
some cool linked boxes and chain mail like objects on the Shapeways site.
Soon I’ll release some generators that make that easier. These have let me play with optimized Voxel tools. I’m trying to get down into the micron level of geometry representation. If successful this will allow for operations that exactly mimic how some 3D printers are creating your objects. Mostly just prototypes at this point, see how feasible it is to work at that level of accuracy.

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