Image Lathe – Variant

It’s been brought to my attention that our first Image Lathe example exhibited a great flaw. It seems some people think a Vase should be able to hold water! Now around the 3D printing world we talk about water-tight meshes but not usually this definition.


Here are the pieces:

This code is fairly close to the original Image Lathe example. Instead of intersecting the pattern image with the profile we instead union the pattern with a slightly smaller profile shape. The innerShell is the profile shape that’s rotated to a cylinder that’s patternHeight smaller radius. If you wanted the pattern on the inside of something then you could make the innerShell larger instead.

function getDihedralSymmetry( n){
	var a = PI/(n);
	var cosa = Math.cos(a);
	var sina = Math.sin(a);

	var symm = new ReflectionSymmetry();
	var splanes = new Array();
	var count = 0;
	splanes[count++] = new ReflectionSymmetry.getPlane(new Vector3d(cosa,0,-sina),0);	
	splanes[count++] = new ReflectionSymmetry.getPlane(new Vector3d(-cosa,0, -sina), 0);

	return symm;

function makeShell(profilePath, width, height, voxelSize){
	var radius = width/2;
	var boxDepth = 2*Math.PI*radius;
	var boxWidth = radius;
	var boxHeight = height;

	var image = new ImageBitmap(profilePath, boxWidth, boxHeight, boxDepth, voxelSize);

	var ct = new CompositeTransform();
	ct.add(new Rotation(0,1,0, -Math.PI/2)); 	
	// align side of the image box with xy lane 
	ct.add(new Translation(0, 0, -radius/2)); 
	ct.add(new RingWrap(radius)); 
	return image;

function main(arg){
	var voxelSize = 0.25*MM;

	var vaseWidth = 80*MM;
	var vaseHeight = 100*MM;
	var patternHeight = 4*MM;
	var symmetryOrder = 12;

	var imgPath = arg[0];
	var profilePath = arg[1];

	var img = loadImage(imgPath);
	var imgBoxHeight = vaseHeight;
	var imgBoxWidth = img.getWidth() * imgBoxHeight /img.getHeight();
	var imgBoxThickness = vaseWidth/2; 

	var image = new ImageBitmap(img, imgBoxWidth, imgBoxHeight, imgBoxThickness, voxelSize);


	var padding = 2*MM;

	var gWidth = vaseWidth + 2*padding;
	var gHeight = vaseHeight + 2*padding;

	var ct = new CompositeTransform();
	ct.add(new Translation(0,0,-imgBoxThickness/2));
	ct.add(new RingWrap(vaseWidth/2));

	var shell = makeShell(profilePath, vaseWidth, vaseHeight, voxelSize);
	var innerShell = makeShell(profilePath, vaseWidth-2*patternHeight, vaseHeight, voxelSize);

	var intersection = new Intersection(shell, image);
	var union = new Union(innerShell, intersection);	
	dest = createGrid(-gWidth/2,gWidth/2,-gHeight/2,gHeight/2,-gWidth/2,gWidth/2,voxelSize);	

        var maker = new GridMaker();


	meshSmoothingWidth = 2;
	meshErrorFactor = 0.05;

	return dest;

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