AbFab3D is a toolkit to help in the development of 3D printing tools and editors. The toolkit will contain both Voxel and Triangle aware code and will include functions for changing between them. The goal is to make creating 3D editors easier. I want to see what sort of editors people will create. Can you make the first creator to fab a million objects?

Package Overview

  • geom – Converts geometric primitives to voxel grids
  • grid – Implementations of voxel grids optimized for space and time tradeoffs
  • grid.op – Operations that transform a grid
  • grid.query – Query operations on grid states
  • io – Input and output operations on grids and triangle formats
  • path – Tools for traversing paths through a voxel space
  • validate – Help in validating for 3D printing.

Design Considerations

  • Provide low-level fast operations for Grids
  • Layer extra features such as range checking in optional grid wrappers
  • Make it easy to switch grid implementations to optimize for speed, memory etc